About Columbia Photo Library

The public portion of the library can be accessed by all current faculty, students, and staff.

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Subscribe and Store

A cloud-based digital library hosted externally by Canto and cost-shared between University administrative units

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Tag and Retrieve

Tag images, documents, and presentations, as well as video and audio files, with global or custom keywords. Then create custom filters and tags to make finding files easy.

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Collaborate and Share

All public photos uploaded to the library can be searched and downloaded by the Columbia community and shared via email address, social media, or project management tool.

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Control Access

Manage permissions for uploading, downloading, and sharing by group or individual. Customize roles, groups, and permissions to fine tune access.

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Version Control

Keep track of modifications and updates to images, documents, and presentations.

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Manage Digital Rights

Save copyright, terms of usage, and restricted use information with individual photos.

Best Practices

File Naming Conventions

Follow this guide to understand how to use file naming conventions to optimize SEO and organize your files.

Copyright and Fair Use

Columbia Libraries maintains a number of guides on copyright and fair use.

Photo Usage Release Form

Use this form to secure permission to use images.

Get Help

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Join the Photo Library

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs manages the University subscription. Units that would like to purchase space for their team should contact content strategist Monique Berkley.

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Find an Image

Columbia-specific filters are designed to help you quickly locate the perfect image for your project. And Jennifer Pellerito, associate director of photo and digital communications, can offer additional guidance.

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Learn the Basics

Canto's extensive library of how-to videos is at your disposal to learn the ins and outs of using this digital asset management system. Watch a tutorial to get started.